The shop was born in 1981 thanks to the goodwill and to the experience gained over time by Giovanni La Vecchia.
Him, with his brother, before the shop's opening, he maked the Pampanella for the town festivals.
So in 1981, he decided to open the shop called: "Pampanella La Vecchia".
Now his son Giuseppe La Vecchia leads the shop, who maked Pampanella since he was a little boy and now is his job.


An explosion of flavors

The Pampanella is the result of the cooking of the pig meat, flavored with garlic, salt and chili pepper.
It is the most important typical product of San Martino in Pensilis and it's bound to the town traditions, like the Carrese and the annual fair on the 30th of August.
This product has ancient origins.
An element that is almost essential is the straw paper, which is used to cover the Pampanella already flavored at the time of cooking.
Years ago, thi type of paper was not used, instead of this, the leaves of the vines and the fig trees were used, under the name of: pampini.
By using these leaves, the product was called Pampanella.